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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gatorade Bottling Facility Opens in Dominican Republic to Serve Caribbean Region

President Leonel Fernandez attended the inauguration of a $20 million Gatorade modern bottling factory this week. The plant, which has a capacity for filling 500,000 bottles a day will supply the Dominican Republic (DR), Puerto Rico and other Caribbean markets.

The plant is the result of a strategic alliance between PepsiCo and Distribuidora Corripio, which is a local bottling giant in DR.

Manuel Corripio, a principal at Distribuidora Corripio, spoke at the event, saying the investment follows the country’s economic growth, which he attributed to the current administration that he said has driven the DR to be “one of the most peaceful nations in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Corripio stressed that the free trade agreements with the DR and the Caribbean open the doors for the products to be exported to the rest of the region.

Source: Hispanically Speaking News

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