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Friday, March 30, 2012

More Anonymous hackers fall in Dominican Republic

Police in the Dominican Republic have arrested six more hackers belonging to the Anonymous collective who had been linked to attacks on the websites of state and private companies.

A report on The Hacker News on Wednesday quoted Public Prosecutor German Vasquez as saying the six hacked into government websites, including ones for the president and the education ministry.

Vasquez was also quoted as saying the suspects' ages ranged from 17 to 23.

The Hacker News report identified four of the six as:

- Milton Corniell David Jimenez (Zerohack)
- Juan Rafael Leonardo Acosta (Nmap)
- Cristian de la Rosa Jose de los Santos (Mot)
- Robert Reynoso Delgado (Frank-Ostia)

Authorities made the arrests last Sunday in Santiago, the report said.

But defense lawyer Carlos Guerrero denied the accusations and claimed the government has no evidence.

The defendants were accused of cyber terrorism, which the prosecution defined as a new form of threats and vulnerabilities in the Internet.

Source: GMA Network

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Dodgers agree to deal with Dominican teen

The Dodgers, missing in action on the international bonus scene in recent years, have agreed to sign 16-year-old right-handed pitcher Bryan Munoz from the Dominican Republic for a reported $300,000 bonus, pending a physical exam.

The signing will mark a re-entry by the Dodgers into a Dominican market they once owned. They ranked last in Major League Baseball last year in money spent on international signings. The Dodgers outbid the Rangers, Twins, Tigers and D-backs for Munoz.

The agreement was reached last week, while Munoz was in Arizona with the Dominican Elite Travel Team. The signing bonus is believed to be the largest the Dodgers have given a Dominican player since signing Joel Guzman for $2.25 million in 2001. Guzman played eight games for the Dodgers and was traded to Tampa Bay.

With a fastball reportedly already touching 90 mph, Munoz is expected to start his Minor League career in the United States and not at the Dodgers' Dominican academy at Campo Las Palmas, according to Kevin Bandel, Munoz's agent.

Source: LA Dodgers

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Relationships Increasingly Strong between Haiti and Dominican Republic

The Minister of Foreign and Religious Affairs, His Excellency Laurent Lamothe, met his Dominican counterpart Carlos Morales Troncoso, this Sunday, March 24 at La Romana in the Dominican Republic, around finalizing the preparations for the official visit of President of the Republic, His Excellency Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly, on the other side of the island this Monday, March 26, 2012.

The main objective of the visit of the Chief of the Haitian State to his counterpart Leonel Fernandez will include reactivating the formal bilateral joint commission between Haiti and the Dominican Republic and initial seven memoranda of understanding to expand cooperation in various fields such as a trilateral agreement between the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Venezuela regarding cooperation with social programs.

Also discussed during this two-hour meeting clock between the Haitian and dominicain Chancellors, the need for immigration agreement to manage the transport problem (the company, Haitian Capital Coach Line), the creation of a fund between the tripartite Dominican Republic, Haiti and Venezuela (Petrocaribe) on projects for Haiti's development and signing of a social assistance for affirmative action programs.

The two Foreign Ministers of the island welcomed the excellent relationship the Dominican Republic and Haiti are currently experiencing, to the benefit of the expansion of trade relations between the two states. "We will consider how best to extend continued cooperation and cooperation between our countries and sectors to create private wealth and economic development for the benefit of our peoples, " reported the Chancellor Lamothe.

Source: Defend Haiti

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Dominican Republic to start destination promotion in India

Keen to tap the growing Indian outbound market, especially the Wedding and Family Travel segments, Dominican Republic made its first marketing and promotional foray in India by participating in SATTE which was held last month. According to Hans Dannenberg Castellanos, Ambassador of Dominican Republic to India, the island nation, the second largest in the Caribbean’s, is already a favourite wedding destination for Indian families settled in the US and Canada. “We wanted to expose the destination to the Indian market as well and also want to engage the Indian travel trade. In order to co-ordinate the promotional activities in India, the embassy in Delhi, has appointed a dedicated official who will take care of promotional brochures in different Indian languages,” informed Castellanos.

There has been tremendous growth in trade and business between the two countries since Dominican Republic set up Embassy in Delhi. According to Castellanos, lot of Indian companies like Wipro, TCS, etc., have set up their call centres in the island. He informed that about 3,000 Indians visited Dominican Republic last year. "The country received four million tourists last year. The average growth in tourism in the country is 5.2 per cent, which is well above the regional average of 3.2 per cent," added Castellanos. When asked about the Visa formalities, the Ambassador said that the Embassy can issue Visa within 24 hours, which is quickest for any country. When asked about growth expectations in terms of Inbound from India to Dominican Republic, Castellanos said that the country wants to double the figures this year.

Speaking about connectivity, Castellanos said that people without Shengen or the US visa can travel through Middle East by Emirates to Brazil and then to Dominican Republic; as well as through Amsterdam. According to him, European countries offer transit visas easily to people having Dominican Republic Visa. The Republic is also easily accessible through New York. Dominican Republic recently signed air bilateral agreement with India, which qualifies Indian carriers to fly directly to the Caribbean nation. Indian carriers which are already flying to Europe and the US are also eligible to extend their route to Dominican Republic, the Ambassador added.

Major source markets for tourism for Dominican Republic are the US and Canada, followed by Europe. Golfing is a major leisure activity for tourists in the Dominican Republic. The Republic's East coast - Punta Cana - is a top destination for sophisticated luxury, championship golf and world's top beaches. Santa Domingo, the capital city, La Romana and Bayahibe, Puerto Plata on the Northern coast; Santiago in the Central region, Barahona, etc. are the most popular destinations in the island.

Source: Travel Biz Monitor

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dominican Republic to Open Training School for Larimar Craftsmen

It is a stone found only in the Dominican Republic. And now, a semi-precious stone called Larimar will get its own school in the country.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce announced that it would be installing a working school to train craftsmen who work with Larimar, aiming to improve the range and quality of jewelry made from the stone.

Work has begun on a project to create the school in the community of Bahoruco, according to Industry Minister Manuel Garcia Arevalo, who was speaking during a tour of a Larimar mine.

The Dominican Republic is currently exporting significant amounts of the stone to China and other nations, and the country hopes it can add to that value.

The country’s Central Sugar Corporation will reportedly sign an agreement with the government to support the school, and a search for teachers has already begun, according to engineer Pena Rubio.

About 10,000 Dominicans depend directly and indirectly on the extraction of Larimar for crafts and jewelry, according to the government.

The Dominican Republic has been extracting Larimar from its mines on the road from Barahona to Pedernales since 1975.

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Source: Caribbean Journal

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dominicans sent more money home, US$3.1B in 2011, report

US$3.1 billion in remittances were sent to Dominican Republic in 2011, 7.7 percent more than in 2010, says a Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) study cited by EFE.

The report by the IDB’s Multilateral Investments Fund (Fomin) said the figure takes the Caribbean country to fifth place in the most remittances received during that period, a list headed by Mexico, US$22.7 billion; Guatemala, 4.3B; Colombia, 4.2 and El Salvador, 3.7B.

“In countries such as Dominican Republic, the study says, remittances can reach 5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product," adding, "without this regular flow of resources the immigrants send to their relatives, many receiving families would fall below the line of poverty."

The statistics note that the immigrants from Latin America and the Caribbean live mostly in the United States, from where they sent around US$61.0 billion to their countries last year, or 6 percent more than the 57.6 billion in 2010.

The IDB said the reception of remittances form one of the Dominican economy’s "three legs," with tourism and free zone exports the two others.

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Source: Dominican Today

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Dominican Republic Removes 68 City Dump Child Laborers

The Domincan Republic’s Department of Labor along with the Unit against Child Labor (UTI) removed 68 children working at the Rafey dump in Santiago as well as the city market, ‘Hospedaje Yaque.’

The coordinator of UTI, Félix Hidalgo, led the inspection and removal of these children in an attempt to reduce child labor in the country.

Felipe Rosario, the president of the Association of Workers at the Rafey Dump, stated that last year, three minors were killed after being run over by garbage trucks. He was grateful for the presence of UTI and the Labor department and hopes that future tragedies will now be prevented.

The Secretary of Labor, Francisco Domínguez Brito, made a plea to all Dominican citizens to avoid putting the children of the country in such horrific situations. He also stated that they will be pushing to guarantee that children remain in school instead of the workforce, where many of their young lives are in danger.

He continued to express that there needs to be options and social support given to the parents of these children in order to keep them away from dangerous working conditions.

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Source: Hispanically Speaking