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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dominican Republic celebrates 167 Years of Independence

Ambassador of the Dominican Republic Dr José Tomás Ares Germán and his wife, Sheila Ares, hosted the diplomatic community at their country's 167th anniversary of independence on Friday, February 25. The celebration took place at New Kingston's Jamaica Pegasus hotel in the Montego Suite that was beautifully decorated by Stephen McDonald.

Speaking at the celebration, Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Dr Kenneth Baugh said Jamaica places a high value on the relationship between both countries. "We look forward to the continued strengthening of our partnerships at the bilateral and multilateral levels as we work to overcome the emerging challenges of our times."

Dr Baugh noted that through the resilience and astute management of its government, the Dominican Republic had been able to mount a good recovery and get back on track following the current economic crisis and devastating effects of climate change that tested the country. He thanked the country for its assistance to the post-earthquake recovery in Haiti and toasted the continued friendship between both countries.

Ambassador German, his wife and senior members of his staff had welcomed and greeted each guest who entered the Montego Suite, thanked them for coming and also echoed the sentiments of Dr Baugh for the continued excellent relationship between Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. He specially thanked the sponsors of the cocktail party.

The Dominican Republic is a Spanish-speaking country and home to eight and a half million people who enjoy freedom of religion under the constitution. However, 95 per cent of the population is Roman Catholic. There is free compulsory education for all children between age six and 12. Dominicans still follow the Spanish tradition of an after-lunch siesta. Visitors may enter the country by purchasing a tourism card and, according to the tourist guide, bring with you "a positive state of mind and the intention to have a good time".

Source: Jamaica Gleaner

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