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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dominican Republic schooling rates “still critical,” UNESCO says

Latin America and the Caribbean are on the verge the universalizing primary education, whose child population reached 95% in 2008, though the region’s inequality is the main hurdle to attain the goal, revealed the UNESCO Regional Office in Chile today.

Nearly 40% of the countries in the region have already achieved that objective and another 20% are about to, affirms the report disclosed today, though there were 2.9 million children still not going to school in 2008, or 4% worldwide.

The head of the UNESCO Regional Office, Jorge Sequeira, said it’s the result of the economic and social inequalities in the region’s countries, which make it difficult to access education.

“The inequality is a brake to the social progress of our region and counters the enormous human and economic potential and the cultural capital of ours nations," Sequeira said, who affirmed that the education is an indispensable tool to reduce the disparity in Latin America.

Sequeira presented the section "Report on the Follow-up of Education for All in the World" on Latin America and the Caribbean, which shows the advances in accomplishing the six education objectives for 2015 outlined by UNESCO in 2000.

The UNESCO official said Latin America "is the region which has had the most progress,” but cited the problems in the Caribbean, where primary schooling fell 9%.

Although several countries in the region have obtained universal primary education, the situation continues being critical in Dominica, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, where schooling rates range from 76 to 82%.

The document cautions that for 2015, " there will still be many children without schooling in the region," despite the many countries which have posted increases in that figure.

Source: Dominican Today

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