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Monday, December 13, 2010

Studies confirm paltry wages, union leader says

The president of the federation of Dominican worker’s unions grouped in the CNTD on Sunday revealed that studies prove that the country’s current wages don’t correspond with the level of capacity of the different professionals.

Jacobo Ramos said most of Dominican Republic’s professionals are undervalued, forcing many to immigrate to other markets to seek better salaries and working conditions.

The union leader placed the local professionals’ average monthly wage from RD$18,000 to RD$30,000, noting that government employees are the most capable of earning higher salaries. “But we do have distortions within the Government structure, with people with functions who earn a salary above other officials with senior hierarchy and even more than the President himself.”

As to the private sector he said it’s widely known that professional wages are highly reduced, which has led the CNTD to constantly press for a change in the country’s current wage structure, but regrets that whenever the talk turns to changing the Labor Code, employers speak only of a reform for their benefit.

Source: Dominican Today

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