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Monday, December 27, 2010

Dominican Republic dams supply 12% less energy in the last 5 years

The electricity output of the country’s hydroelectric dams has been falling for the last five years, from 1,879 gigawatt/hours in 2005 to 1,403 gigawatt/hours in 2010, or 476 gigawatt/hours fewer.

The figure is also just under 12% of the total supplied to the national grid (SIN). The State-owned Hydroelectric Power Company (EGEHID) provided the fibures based on calculations by its technicians in a meeting last week.

The contribution of the hydroelectric dams fell 39 gigawatt/hours in 2010, from 1,442.4 in 2009 to 1,403 gigwatt/hours this year.

EGEHID administrator Victor Ventura said the hydroelectric dams saved the country US$240 million, for not having to buy around 3.16 million barrels of oil and announced a program in 2011 to refurbish the facilities at Tavera, Rincon, Sabaneta, Jimenoa, Lopez-Angostura, Sabana Yegua, Rio Blanco and Valdesia, but with Jigüey-Aguacate as a priority.

Dominican Republic’s 25 hydroelectric dams can generate 523 megawatts.

Source: Dominican Today

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