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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Japanese vehicles have 75% of Dominican Republic market

Most Dominicans prefer Japanese vehicles, even their U.S. versions, over others, as revealed by the Internal Taxes Agency (DGII), that 75% are Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu and Suzuki.

The DGII also reports that 8.7% are U.S. makes, 8.3% are  European, 3.4% are Korean and 3.5% from other countries.

It says there are 966,556 Japanese vehicles currently resisted, led by Toyota (431,105), Honda (115,642) and Nissan (98,268).

As to the U.S. brands, of the 111,659 registered, Chevrolet leads with 45,251, followed by Ford (39,079), and Dodge, with 7,618.

The 106,556 European-made vehicles have 8.3% of the market, with Volkswagen leading with 22,412, Mercedez Benz (14,250) and BMW (18,718).

Korean vehicles are 3.4% of the total, with 44,089, led by Hyundai (7,994) and Kia (2,729).
The other brands account for 3.5%, with 45,692 vehicles.

Source: Dominican Today

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