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Friday, December 17, 2010

Grammatical Crisis in the Dominican Republic’s Constitution

The President of the Dominican Language Academy, Bruno Rosario Candelier, revealed yesterday that the Academy found more than 200 grammatical errors within the text of the Dominican Republic’s new constitution, amended last January.

Rosario said that despite speaking with legislators about the absolutely shameful and embarrassing amount of mistakes, the majority passed the document.

In the same press conference, Rosario Candelier said that the teaching of Spanish language in the country is a failure, due to the fact that teachers throughout the nation are ill-prepared, the hours dedicated to Spanish classes minimal, text books are outdated and there are zero reading habits among both teachers and students.
The Dominican Republic has an illiteracy rate of 84.4%.

The Ministry of Education has released a statement saying “We believe the considerations of the academy to be very sensible, and the National Council for Education will look into these criticisms and will keep them in consideration.” The spokesman for the ministry, Melanio Paredes added that the ministry has already scheduled meetings with Rosario Candelier to discuss possible strategies, content, and the emphasis of Spanish education in the nation’s schools.

Though we weren’t looking hard for all of the 200, at the time of publication, HS-News was able to spot several gaffes in the text of the constitution found in a few websites, including official sources.
Someone point these politicians to the spell check button, for the love of god and country.

Source: Hispanically Speaking News

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