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Friday, December 17, 2010

Castro calls Dominican Republic meeting for Haiti a "deceitful maneuver”

Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Friday criticized ex U.S. president Bill Clinton for "lying" about the aid to rebuild Haiti and about the international medical assistance currently being sent to that to fight the cholera epidemic.

In an article published today titled "The lies of Clinton," Cuba’s ex- president also called the meeting of the Haiti Interim Reconstruction Commission (CIRH) held Wednesday in Santo Domingo, a "deceitful maneuver," which in his view solved "absolutely nothing."

According to Castro, after the meeting Clinton – the UN special envoy for Haiti- admitted that only 897 million dollars have been disbursed of the more than 5.7 billion pledged for Haiti for the 2010-2011 period for the country’s post quake reconstruction, bug even those 897 million, “are nowhere to be seen."

The Cuban leader also accuses the ex President of disdaining the work by the Cuban medical crews and from other nations of the region which crisscross that impoverished country.

"Clinton with his lies tries to ignore the work of the thousands of Cuban and Latin American doctors, nurses and technicians who are bearing the brunt in the battle to defeat the epidemic in the only possible manner, which is by penetrating the country’s most isolated corners."

Castro begins his article assuring that "it’s really sad to have to rebuke him," describes Clinton as "an man with a goodhearted aspect."

Source: Dominican Today

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