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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

JetBlue soars on Dominican Republic’s thriving tourism, economy

The expansion of tourism and other economic activities in Caribbean and Latin American countries has become the key for carriers such as JetBlue’s notable growth.

The stability shown by nations such as Dominican Republic despite the recent global financial crisis and a rising consumption capacity y the people in the region forms part of the favorable indicators which the multinational company has taken into account to increase its number of flights here.

“Right now we have an average of 20 daily flights during spring here and more than 25 daily flights during the summer’s arrival,” said Robin Hayes, vice president of JetBlue, which has operations in Santo Domingo, Santiago, Puerto Plata and La Romana.

He said JetBlue plans to increase the number of flights between Republic Dominicana and Puerto Rico, in spite of the high taxes to fly between such close destinations.

The executive revealed that for the following spring the carrier will increase its flights from two to three daily, in response to the demand, although the San Juan-Santo Domingo fare is “undoubtedly” the Caribbean’s most expensive. “The Caribbean market is very competitive and the governments often see this as an opportunity to generate more income. But they must learn to see the flow of passengers as an opportunity to let an economy entire grow and not only tax collections.”

Hayes, interviewed by along with the executives Scott M. Laurence and Chad Meyersonn in the airline’s local offices, noted that the country’s airports charge increasingly higher fees, which Laurence affirmed that when combined with the taxes, are key to the airline’s decisions to add or eliminate flights in JetBlue destinations. “We’re very happy with the services we have in the country. We thank the entire population for using our services. We aim to continue growing in this nation.”

Source: Dominican Today

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