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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dominican Republic passes 2011 Budget of US$10.0B

he Senate declared urgent the bill for the 2011 Budget of RD$390 billion (US$10.0 billion) and approved it in two consecutive roll calls around Friday noon, with 24 votes to 3, as senators from Peravia province Wilton Guerrero; from Espaillat, Jose Rafael Vargas, and from Monte Plata, Charlie Mariotti.

The piece was approved with changes to earmark allotments for the Constitutional Court, the Superior Electoral Court and the Ombudsperson.

The 2011 Budget and was formulated based on a 4.50% average rate of inflation, an average projected exchange rate of 39 pesos per dollar, and an average crude price of US$84.50 per barrel.

Source: Dominican Today

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