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Monday, April 25, 2011

Venezuela wants 25,000 tons of Dominican black beans

Venezuela Ambassador Alfredo Murga affirmed Sunday that his country wants to buy 25,000 tons of black beans from Dominican farms, as part of the Petrocaribe oil agreement, and that he’s pleased that most of it can be harvested along the border with Haiti.

“We could to extend the supply of petroleum, if the country requests it, because our opinion is that the Dominican Government has executed the Petrocaribe agreement well, which is a guarantee to continue obtaining the intentions well-being for the people and that fits with producing black beans for Venezuela in Elías Piña," the diplomat said.

“Regardless of what happens in the oil world, Venezuela guarantees the faithful fulfillment in the Petrocaribe agreement to the Dominican Republic,” Murga said in the conference “Elías Piña within the framework of Dominican-Venezuelans Relations.”

In that regard, the Elías Piña farmers associations said they want to produce 5,000 tons to sell to Venezuela, via Petrocaribe, and asked president Leonel Fernandez to provide financing from the State-owned agro bank Bagricola, and seeds and tilling from the Agriculture Ministry.

Source: Dominican Today

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