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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dominican Republic’s Cardinal calls wage hike urgent

Dominican Republic’s Cardinal affirmed Tuesday that the country’s workers urgently need a wage increase, but rebuked the union leaders’ threat of a strike after talks with management stalled yesterday.

Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez said “that the wages must be increased is a reality,” but noted that the unionists must also understand the adverse factors he affirms affect the local economy.

He urged the sides to continue the dialogue and find a suitable proportion that least affects both sectors. “The country’s situation, the international situation must be weighed, factors like the increase in petroleum. I hope, I confide in that all agents in the topic of wages reach a proportional increase that the people really need and deserve.”

Lopez Rodriguez stressed however that he rejects the call to strike and urged the unions to continue the dialogue. “I think it’s better to sit and talk that to throw stones.”

Source: Dominican Today

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