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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dominican Republic unions vow strike as wage hike talks deadlock

Labor union leaders Tuesday affirmed they’ll not meet with management in the National Salary Committee (CNS) again and warned that the employers’ attitude will radicalize their struggle and lead to a general strike nationwide.

The union leaders’ pullout from the CNS has deadlocked talks with employers, after rejecting a proposed 11.6% increase on the minimum wage yesterday.

Rafael (Pepe) Abreu, Jacobo Ramos and Gabriel del Rio said they won’t waste their time with the employers, who they affirm only go to argue over the same the topic every year, alleging it would lead to companies closing and reduce sources of jobs.

The unions CNUS, CASC and CNTD announced marches in Easter San Pedro and western Barahona for Wednesday, and similar activities in San Francisco and Puerto Plata for Thursday.

They said for International Labor Day, May 1, they’ll announce a general strike in a grand march being coordinated with social, barrio, business and professional groups.

Ramos added that the union leaders will neither accept blackmail nor mockery from employers, and will maintain their demand for a 40% hike for the minimum wage and 25% for those who earn up to 50,000 pesos.

Source: Dominican Today

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