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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dominican Republic fuel prices set record

Starting tomorrow Saturday a gallon of premium gasoline will cost RD$214.20, or RD$5.50 more, and regular RD$201.90, a jump of RD$4.80, the highest prices in the country ever.

The Industry and Commerce Ministry posted the fuel prices for the week from April 9 to 15, when regular diesel will cost RD$184.90 per gallon, a RD$3.90 increase and premium will be sold at RD$189.80, or RD$4.50 more.

A gallon or avtur will cost RD$157.12, for a RD$3.20 increase; kerosene will cost RD$178.00 per gallon, a RD3.50 increase, and fuel oil will cost RD$131.04, or RD$3.39 more.

Propane gas (GLP) remains at RD$99.50 per gallon, for an increase of RD$0.59, and natural gas will remain at RD$20.05 per cubic meter.

Dominican Republic’s Central Bank posted exchange rate of RD$37.93 per dollar was used in the calculations.

Source: Dominican Today

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