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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dominican Republic labor unions balk at wage hike offer

The country’s three major labor unions will not attend the National Wages Committee meeting on Friday, complaining that management’s attitude and its proposal of a 11.58% increase on the minimum wage haven’t changed.

Unions spokesman Rafael Abreu yesterday said employers haven’t shown an interest in real dialogue or a clear attitude on the unions’ proposal to increase the minimum wage by a percentage that helps workers improve their situation.

He said the unions propose a 30% increase, or an average of RD$2,000 per month for the minimum wage and from RD$3,000 to RD$2,500 for salaries that exceed the minimum, and refuted management’s assertion that 48% of the companies already applied an increase.

But Labor minister Max Puig on Monday reiterated that the Committee’s next meeting is slated for Friday, May 29, and on that day expects the unions and management to be more flexible in their positions and reach an understanding. "I want both sectors to come with a tone of greater flexibility next Thursday and come already inclined to reach an agreement."

Source: Dominican Today

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