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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dominican Republic flights canceled as snow blast clobbers eastern U.S.

The airlines JetBlue, Continental, Delta and U.S. Airways suspended all flights between Dominican Republic, New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Atlanta on Thursday, as another snow storm pummels most of the eastern United States.

American Airlines and Delta told the authorities and the management company Aerodom that they suspended today’s planned flights between the airports of Las Americas, New York and Atlanta.

JetsBlue, Continental and U.S. Airways had at least 10 flights scheduled for today but the cancellations left hundreds of passengers stranded in the Las Americas airport, where they joining others yesterday.

Aerodom spokeswoman Yolanda Mañán told flyers who’ve booked with those three airlines that their flights were cancelled, and to contact them before going to the airport.

She added that neither American Airlines nor Delta have communicated to Aerodom the decision to suspend their flights.

Source: Dominican Today

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