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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dominican goverment to spend $32 million to combat cholera

The Dominican Republic Health Ministry announced Tuesday that it will invest 1.2 billion pesos ($32 million) to combat cholera which has affected 189 people in the country, though no one has died of the disease.

The funds will be invested throughout the year to deal with the illness, which has killed 3,838 people in neighboring Haiti since its first outbreak in that country last October.

The Dominican Health Ministry will also provide 1.7 billion pesos ($45 million) for other health plans and to subsidize hospitals, the media reported.

Health authorities said they will emphasize the prevention of illnesses like Malaria, dengue and leptospirosis.
"Everyone" affected by cholera in the Dominican Republic is now in good health, the health ministry said.

The origin of the cholera is uncertain, though a French medical study said that it came from human waste being dumped in a river from a camp of Nepalese soldiers serving the United Nations Mission for the Stabilization of Haiti, or Minustah.

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