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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dominican mother needs community's help to find her child

Ricardo Montas-Gonzales just turned 21 but has a mental capacity of a seven-year-old, and he is a dreamer in search of liberty. His mother Maria Gonzales brought him to the US from the Dominican Republic this past March seeking the best care for someone in his condition.

During these months, Ricardo has taken to the streets a few times because he likes to roam free. His New York doctor says he is like a bird who only knows to search for liberty.

"He feels trapped, and wants to go out, learn and work, but his mental condition doesn't allow him to. We have to watch over him all the time," his mother said. Ricardo has not returned home since Wednesday December 29. He doesn't speak English, has no money and is alone in this terrible winter.

Maria Gonzales waits to hear word about her lost son Ricardo.

He is of dark skin, 6 foot tall and 220 pounds, Although he seems strong, he is a naïve and good young man. Some tips have placed him near Dover and Wilmington, but it is possible he might have crossed state lines by bus.

The police have declared a state of alert and is in search of his whereabouts. His mother only wishes that he knows that she loves him and is waiting for him at home.

If you have any information about Ricardo's location please call 911 or call Kim at 302- 762 5466 (English) or Carlos at 302- 442 3683 (Spanish).

Source: Latina Lista

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