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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Taiwan, Dominican Republic discussing anti-human trafficking accord

The Dominican Republic (D.R.) is in discussions with Taiwan to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on the prevention of human trafficking, a visiting government official from the D.R. said Wednesday.

Alejandra Victoria Liriano de la Cruz, the deputy minister of foreign affairs from the D.R., arrived in Taiwan on an exchange program to learn about Taiwan's immigration policies.

She indicated interest in the MOU during a meeting with Hsieh Li-Kung, the director-general of the National Immigration Agency (NIA).

Liriano praised Taiwan's achievement in fighting against human trafficking and expressed her desire to recruit Taiwan to help the D.R. with its own trafficking problems.

Hsieh said he hopes Liriano will come up with more details regarding the MOU after returning home.

According to NIA, the Caribbean nation, with a population of 9.63 million people, has been troubled by an influx of illegal workers and human trafficking from its neighboring country, Haiti.

Liriano said the D.R. is seeking international advice to solve the problem with Haiti and it wants to improve cooperation with government agencies and non-governmental organizations to combat human trafficking.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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