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Friday, July 29, 2011

Dominican Government rebukes Arab network’s “stateless” claim

Central Electoral Board (JCE) president Roberto Rosario Tuesday affirmed that there are no stateless people in the country thus far, as the activist Sonia Pierre affirmed in an Aljazeera report criticizing the treatment of Haitians in Dominican Republic.

He also questioned the interest shown by some countries in trying to get Dominican Republic to assume irregular immigration of foreigners as its own, when it’s not their practice.

The official denied that the JCE has been empowered of thousands of cases of people whose right to citizenship was allegedly refused and noted that to date “Mrs. Pierre” has only submitted 120 files, which he affirms were already processed.

He said the results of an investigation will be disclosed before the end of this month and affirmed that it was communicated to Pierre on July 4 in the United States Embassy, during the celebration of the that nation’s independence. He said the information was provided in the presence of people linked to the defense of human rights of that nation.

Rosario said the Dominican Constitution stipulates who’s qualified for Dominican citizenship, or by birth or through the legal procedures to become Dominican via naturalization. “For reasons of blood Dominican residents outside the territory transmit citizenship rights and for reasons of soil the children of foreigners who reside legally are Dominican, according to the parameters established in the Magna Charta promulgated January 26, 2010”.

Source: Dominican Today

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