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Monday, July 4, 2011

Court will convict Dominican Republic in missing journalist’s case, activist says

The National Human Rights Commission president predicted Monday that the Inter-American Human Rights Court will convict Dominican Republic in the case of the professor and journalist Narciso González (Narcisazo), and railed president Leonel Fernandez’s alleged lack of resolve in the investigation and the prosecution in what he called “a forced disappearance” in 1994.

Manuel Maria Mercedes said the country’s conviction will come from the impossibility by the country’s defense to sustain their theory that Narcisazo committed suicide, alleging that the claim did more even damage to the nation’s image.

The human rights activist, interviewed by Frank Rafael Guzmán on channel 8, said beside the monetary cost to Dominican taxpayers in damages paid to González’s relatives, the Court could also impose sanctions such as a cut in international economic aid.

Source: Dominican Today

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