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Friday, July 1, 2011

Dominican Republic Coffee Has A New Ambassador

In celebration of Juan Luis Guerra's London debut has just added Free Shipping to all its sales of Premium dominican coffee. While the Dominican Republic is known for its robust and flavorful coffee much of the world overlooks its quality premium coffee beans.

Anton Suhy, Dominican Coffee aficionado and online retailer of Dominican Coffee notes "I've been jumping up and down for years about Dominican Coffee, trying to get people to take notice of some of the worlds best coffee beans. People ask me about Columbian Coffee and all I can say is Ciao! People really need to wake up and smell the Dominican Coffee. We have the climate, the altitude and the soil to grow some of the best coffee beans in the world." Suhy, who currently resides in Santiago, Dominican Republic sells Premium dominican coffee online via

Suhy continues "In celebration of Juan Luis Guerra's first concert in London, Dominican Coffee Canada is offering Free Shipping on all orders to the United States and Canada. There is no reason it cannot be raining dominican republic coffee in everyone's kitchen in Canada and the United States".

Juan Luis Guerra first found a wide audience in 1989 with the release of "Ojala que Llueva Cafe" - translated as "I hope it rains coffee."

While The Dominican Republic known for its beautiful beaches and butt shaking music has increased exports of coffee in the last few years, much of the coffee grown never leaves the country. Exporting more of the premium coffee continues to be a goal of the Dominican Government. Coffee growing continues to be an important part of the struggling Dominican Economy.

Source: Online PR Media

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