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Saturday, February 19, 2011

U.S. Ambassador also slams Dominican Republic’s embattled education

The ambassador of the United States on Thursday joined the growing list of sectors who deplore Dominican republic’s education system, warning that the academic insufficiency halts the country’s development.

Raul H. Yzaguirre said Dominican Republic has Latin America lowest education average, which in his view, “is something that’s going to prevent the development that we want to be part of the history of this country.”

The diplomat is in a three day visit to Santiago to get to learn about its people and meet with academic, cultural and business sector representatives.

“This visit has been pleasant. I understand much more thoroughly the dreams and needs of this region, which has received me in a very pretty manner and that’s something I much appreciate,” Yzaguirre said.

He said he is now more abreast of what the United States has done in the country throughout the years. “Our government is more successful when we have the ideas that arise from the Dominican people, it’s not about imposing ideas, but to support the plans of the Dominican Republic.”

Source: Dominican Today

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