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Friday, February 11, 2011

Dominican root beer gets a world patent, reports

News source reports that mabí de bohuco (root beer from vine roots) or seibano (El Sibo province) has an international patent, a first for Dominican Republic.

The Biotechnology and Industry Innovation Institute (IIBI) director Bernarda Castillo made the announcement yesterday.

"Given the conception that the root of vines couldn’t be the reason for mabí’s fermentation, and a microorganism within instead, a process to separate the microorganisms which they were there began. At first around eight different microorganisms were tested and placed under fermentation, until the indicated one was found. This has become then the first patent in the country," the official said.

She affirmed that the organism in mabí, when subjected to fermentation, has the same flavor, texture and effervescence as the traditional mabí. “It only needs to be sipped very cold, like champagne."

The official added that the patent defends the microorganism as a Dominican discovery and protects it for the next 20 years. “This means that if in Russia, for example, they decide to produce the mabí of bohuco, they must pay the country for the patent rights."

Source: Dominican Today

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