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Friday, February 4, 2011

Fernandez yearns for a "green" Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic president Leonel Fernandez aims to convert his country into a "green economy" with “green growth" as the way to the future, and urged each country to assume their responsibility to revert the effects of climate change.

Fernandez spoke before several hundred people in the Sustainable Development Summit inaugurated today in the Indian capital, where India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh delivered the inaugural speech, with the president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, and of the Seychelles, James Michel attending.

The Dominican President, on an ficial visit to India, affirmed announced the signature of an agreement with Germany to make with Dominican universities models for development to convert his country into a "green economy."

“The fossils go from the Industrial Revolution to the present moment. In the 21st century, clean energies, green economy," the Dominican leader said, adding that "having an action plan for a green economy project is fundamental, because all humanity will have to head towards a sustainable development model."

Fernandez landed in India on Sunday and after hosting academic and business meetings in the economic centers of Bombay’s (west) and Bangalore (south), begins the official part of his visit to the Asian country today.

After the Summit, Fernandez met with the head of its organizers Rajendra Pachauri, and with the Secretary General of the ruling Party of Congress, Rahul Gandhi.

Quoted by Efe, the Head of State said his trip to the Asian country aims to promote investment and trade, with particular attention to information technologies and communication industries, and academia.

Though trade with Dominican Republic is still a trickle: totaling only US$306.5 million in the last five years, Fernandez has stated that India investors can take advantage of his country as an operational base as "a door of easy access” to American and European markets.

“Since we have a free trade agreement with the United States, products made in Dominican Republic can access the USA market in preferential conditions. From India this couldn’t be done."

"Dominican Republic can guarantee access, mainly to the East coast of the USA, and that’s a market extraordinary," he said and cited Dominican tobacco exports as another routes to develop trade. "We would gain visibility and with that, tourism,"

He also urged India investors to take advantage of the Spanish language to develop and translate Indian software. “The Spanish language becomes a financial asset which combined with its geographic location become a potential for Dominican Republic’s development."

Fernandez will end aim his visit to India on Friday with a speech before representatives of the diplomatic community in the Indian World Affairs Council.

Source: Dominican Today

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