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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dominican Republic’s catholic bishops must retire on age

Dominican Republic’s catholic hierarchy faces sweeping changes in the next two years with several bishops reaching the age in which the Canonical Law forces them to submit their resignation as head of their diocese, including Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez, who’ll have to do so within two months.

Canon 401of the Canonical Right stipulates that Lopez Rodriguez, who’ll turn 75 on October 31, is the age on which the Vatican requires that he submit his resignation as the country’s archbishop. “To the diocesan bishop who has reached 75 years of age is requested to submit his resignation to the Office to the Extreme Pontiff, providing it with considering all the circumstances.”

The Pope however isn’t forced to accept immediately it after receiving the letter of resignation, for which the bishop at issue can remain with the title beyond the stipulated age to tender his resignation.

In Lopez Rodriguez’s case, the Archbishop could continue as head of the Santo Domingo Archdioceses beyond 75 years of age, because in addition to his good health, is an influential member of the Conclave of Cardinals, and who maintain their status as “electing cardinals” until the age of 80, with the right to vote for a new Pope if necessary.

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Source: Dominican Today

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