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Monday, September 5, 2011

Dallas airline worker charged with stealing $10k of luggage

Police at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport have arrested and charged an American Eagle worker for stealing more than $10,000 worth of luggage from passengers and lying on the application for his security badge.

Jose Alberto Peralta, 45 of the Dominican Republic, was arrested today. He is suspected of stealing and pawning almost 100 pieces of jewelry and sunglasses worth more than $10,000 from passengers' bags over the past year, reported

According to reports, a fellow American Eagle employee tipped police off because Peralta had worked on numerous flights where items were reported stolen or lost. That employee also reportedly saw him taking items out of bags.

Officers confronted Peralta at work and found two silver bracelets, a pair of silver earrings, a gold heart-shaped diamond necklace and Oakley sunglasses at the bottom of his backpack.

At first, Peralta said the items were his and that he carried them in from the Dominican Republic because gold prices are higher in the US. Then, he admitted he took the necklace from an aircraft but said he planned to return it, the report states.

Peralta was also charged with tampering with a government record because he wrote in two different birth dates on a renewal application for a security badge. He reportedly explained it away as a mistake made years ago that never got corrected.

The airline would not comment, citing the criminal investigation.

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Source: Herald Sun

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