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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Border services releases wife of Dominican Republic tourist who ran away

A woman from the Dominican Republic who was arrested by RCMP in Winnipeg and turned over to Canada Border Services has been released, bringing an apparent end to a bizarre story.

Border Services spokeswoman Lisa White says Leonarda Bonilla Nunez has been freed because she's not violating immigration laws.

White says the woman has community and financial support, a valid visitor's visa and a ticket to return home.

Bonilla Nunez was arrested not long after her husband, Santos Nunez, jumped out of a moving vehicle and ran into the bush near Arran, Sask., just two days after arriving on a visitor's visa.

He was found dehydrated and sick in a field south of Thunder Hill, Man., but Border Services determined he hadn't violated immigration laws.

A source told The Canadian Press the couple will be staying in Edmonton.

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Source: Winnipeg Free Press

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