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Saturday, May 21, 2011

New singer Fantine debuts in Dominican Republic

Dominican-Rusian singer Fantine debuted last night at La Cantina del Agave in the Dominican capital, where her fusion of indie, electro soul mesmerized the audience.

Fantine, born in Moscow to a Russian father and a Dominican mother, tries to maintain an organic sound that is produced through the natural timbre in her voice.

The singer, whose full name Fantine Pritoula, is a unique talent with a musical style that reflects her cultural diversity. Her family moved around a lot throughout her youth, mainly living in Russia, Dominican Republic, and Perth Western Australia.

Due to spending shared time in each place, Fantine feels connected to all three places, and calls each country home. Owing to these circumstances, Fantine has had to learn how to adapt quickly to new surroundings, and as a result she is not afraid to discover the new and explore the unknown.

Fantine uses her passion for writing music as an outlet for self expression and places great emphasis on the lyrics she writes.

Source: Dominican Today

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