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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dominican Republic industries call Jamaican cement ban “positive”

The latest entity to enter the flap over a retained shipment of cement from Jamaica has unsurprisingly sided with the local producers, which calls the authority’s position in the fray, “positive.”

The association of industries grouped in AIRD Thursday lauded what it says is the Dominican authorities’ guarantee, through the consumer protection agency Pro-Consumidor, of legal security and respect for international and local norms on quality.

“The fact that Pro-Consumidor demands compliance of norms on quality properly approved by the competent organism, which is the Norms and Systems Agency (DIGENOR), to market products, is a good signal that leads in the direction to guarantee that the products sold in the country don’t present unexpected danger, noxiousness, or risks to consumers’ heath and safety, said AIRD president Ligia Bonetti de Valiente.

In an emailed statement, the industrial leader said no organization can suggest incompliance of the norms citing the lack of laboratories, “because this constitutes a denial of the rights of Dominican consumers to respect for the established quality standards and a guarantee of the safety of the products they consume.”

Bonetti, in reference to the Jamaica cement brand Caribe, said in the case of a recent import, Pro-Consumidor’s restriction on its sale should be viewed as a precautionary measure to avert the possibility of tragedies, as what recently occurred in Haiti, and for safe and reliable constructions. “The local or foreign producer who doesn’t want to abide by the existing norms, shouldn’t have the possibility of penetrating into the local market.”

Source: Dominican Today

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