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Friday, May 20, 2011

Fernandez touts Dominican Republic’s investment climate in NYC

President Leonel Fernandez met with business leaders from different areas, who stated their interest in making major investments in the Dominican Republic, including Robert L. Johnson, president of RLJ Companies, which has millions worth of global interests in hotels and finances.

He also headed a separate meeting with members of the Hispanic Investment Committee, of the United States Chamber of Commerce, representing retail chairs, banks, finances, telecoms, hotes, entertainment, pharmaceuticals, waste recycling and services.

Some of the participants have already established companies in the Dominican Republic, while others said they want to learn of the country’s investment climate and legal security.

Among the participants were Douglas Llapen, of the telecom Turitel; David Teller, of Empire Bank; Israel Rosenblum, of the company REPDSA and Abraham Greenfield, president of the company Dollar Phone.

Fernandez touted Dominican Republic’s current macroeconomic stability and institutional vigor, which in his view has become a destination for safe and profitable investments.

The chief executive noted the comparative advantages through the Free Trade Agreement with the U.S. and Central America (DR-CAFTA), the Caribbean Common Market (CARICOM) and other pacts to bolster commerce.

Fernandez’s delegation includes Administrative Minister Luis Manuel Bonetti; Export and Investment Center Director Eddy Martine and the ex Ambassador in Washington Roberto Saladín, among others.

Source: Dominican Today

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