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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tourist arrivals to the Dominican Republic grew by 3.7% during the January-August period.

Tourist arrivals to the Dominican Republic grew by 3.7% during the January-August period. Local airports report that during this same time period some 2.6 million visitors entered the country, almost 100,000 more than during the same period in 2010.

In all, the total arrival of passengers during January-August totalled 3.3 million visitors. During August alone, 381,000 passengers entered the DR of which 277,000 were tourists.

The authorities explained that of the 2.6 million tourists that entered the DR during the first eight months of 2011,1.4 million came from North America (56%) – 962,000 from the United States (36%) and 501,000 from Canada (19%). These two countries accounted for 56% of all tourist arrivals, while 255,000 South American tourists (10%) also visited. Some 76,000 more South Americans visited the country this year than the same time period last year. This number represents a 42% increase in overall arrivals from South America and 79% in overall growth.

The main South American markets are Argentina with 70,000, representing 28% of all South Americans and 2.6% of all visiting tourists; Brazil with 46,000 (18% of all South Americans); Chile with 35,000 (25%); Venezuela, 32,000 (13%); and Colombia, 25,000 (10%).

European tourists travelling to the DR reached 763,000, representing 29% of all visiting tourists. The breakdown is: 177,000 from France (the third largest market, representing 6.7% of all arrivals; 119, 000 from Germany (4.5%); 112,000 from Spain (4.2%); 95,000 from England (3.6%); 71,000 from Italy (2.7%) and 67,000 from Russia (2.55%).

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