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Monday, November 21, 2011

Haiti-Dominican Republic officials continue talks to ease border tensions

Authorities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic are continuing talks amid an escalation in tension on the border shared by the two states.

This country’s State Secretary of the Interior Georges Racine is meeting with Dominican officials at a military post in Jimani in the neighbouring country.

Haitian authorities said the visit is a “goodwill gesture”, which shows the government’s interest in the disappearance of two Dominican farmers on the Haitian side of the lake Azuei. The duo has not been seen since Wednesday.

“Preliminary research conducted by the Army of the Republic Dominifcaine revealed traces of blood leading to the lake,” the website Haitilibre said.
Haitians fear this incident could spark further reprisals.

The Haitian delegation said any national found to be involved would be punished according to law.

The dispute arose after two Haitians reportedly killed a Dominican at the Savann Bonm border on November 9.

The Support Group for Returnees and Refugees said four Haitians have been killed since and three others seriously injured.

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Source: Caribbean 360

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