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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Philip Morris to Invest Heavily in Dominican Market

Smoking is regaining popularity among young people in the Dominican Republic, and now the Philip Morris Dominicana company is announcing a plan to invest RD$500 million (approximately $13M USD) in the Dominican market.

Director Ricardo Petrikovich said that the company intends to increase its presence in the country. Philip Morris has been in the country for 40 years manufacturing Marlboro and Nacional cigarettes.

Petrikovich said the company was promoting the planting of Burley tobacco for cigarette manufacturing. “Our intention is to continue to increase our support for producers, with financing, training, advisory services and investment in related areas,” he said during a meeting with reporters in Santiago. At the same time Petrikovich said that the company would continue with programs to prevent cigarette consumption among minors.

He said the company has obtained international environmental management certificate ISO 140001 and health and labor security certificate OHSAS 18001.

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Source: Dominican Today

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