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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hoteliers warn against cutting Tourism Ministry’s budget

Dominican Republic’s Hotels and Tourism Association (ASONAHORES) asked President Leonel Fernandez to review the decision to keep the Tourism Ministry’s budget for next year unchanged since 2005, at around RD$900.0 million.

It said keeping Tourism’s budget the same since 2005 in fact is a reduction, since in its view doesn’t even compensate the currency’s dwindled spending power during that period.

The hoteliers noted that during that period the national budget has doubled and ask how is it possible for the Government to trim the allocation of the Dominican economy’s most dynamic sector, and one which provides the strongest comparative advantage and with the highest capacity of return for each peso spent by the State.

They said the Tourism Ministry’s budgetary cut while its importance for the economy increases sends the signal that the Government isn’t interested in stimulating the sector’s development, contrary to the president’s own repeated announcements and commitments.

Asonahores adds that Dominican Republic’s competitors have currently put forth a “strong advertizing campaign to deal with the market tendency toward diminishing tourist flows. If the Dominican Republic doesn’t act in the same direction we would be losing what we have already won.”

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Source: Dominican Today

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