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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Political parties will have to account for taxpayers’ money starting August 1

On August 1 the political parties will have to render their first formal account on the handling of the funds they receive from the National Budget through the Central Electoral Board (JCE), warned its president Robert Rosario Thursday.

The Electoral judge, speaking to political party delegates and representatives during the International Seminar on Electoral Reforms in Latin American, being held in the country with the support of IDEA International and the JCE, said they work to provide the parties with a accounting system to render accounts on the funds the JCE gives them monthly. “There’re topics which are going to become transparent and that’s going to make politics and political funding increasingly stronger in the Dominican Republic.”

Rosario said that in fact, the new system to regulate the JCE’s funds to the parties was implemented in the wake of 22 Accounts Chamber audits on an equal number of political parties, which found irregularities in their use.

The official added that the JCE is obligated to start the supervision and control process since the parties are using taxpayers’ money.

Source: Dominican Today

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