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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dominican Republic lags behind similar nations,in health, education, UN report

The Dominican Republic’s important advances in health, education and a basic standard of living in the last decades are overshadowed by a continued delay and less improvement in those areas than other nations with equal or less wealth.

The statement is from the report “The True Wealth of Nations: Path to Human Development”, presented Wednesday by the United Nations Program  for Development (UNPD), that ranks Dominican Republic 88 among the 169 countries analyzed.

PNUD Office for Human Development coordinator Miguel Ceara Hatton stressed that in relation to the rise in wealth by inhabitants in the country, education and health didn’t improve in the same proportion.
He also noted that the Human Development Index (HDI) not linked to income takes Dominican Republic to the 100th position among 169 countries, “that is to say, that it continues showing a lag in education and health compared to other nations with the same or lower wealth per inhabitant.”

Ceara said other countries with fewer resources have advanced more than Dominican Republic in terms of human development; an inequality he affirms also affects the HDI.

The report specifies that when adjusted for inequality, the index loses 25% of its value, or 7 positions lower, precisely where the country holds the 40th spot among the nations with the highest loss from the DHI’s adjustment for inequality.

Source: Dominican Today

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