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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dominican Republic has big potential in New York market

In 2010 the Dominican Republic only exported 0.43% of the total volume of products that had great demand in New York city, taking as reference 20 countries that export to that market.

The country sold 424.800 quintals of agricultural products, although the amount
is relatively very low, it represents the ninth most important supplier, according to statistics from the Department of Agriculture (USDA). This indicates a significant disadvantage in the difference in export volumes in relation to the eight countries that occupy top positions in that market, which account for 98% of total of exports.

The report was limited to eleven products that had the biggest demand in New York which are avocados, chilli peppers, kabocha squash, papaya, mango, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, roma tomatoes and bananas.


Despite the country's strategic location and favorable climate for the production of
all products demanded, the Dominican exports to New York were way below other countries like Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Canada, Chile, Peru, Brazil and Belize,
the report said.

Avocado was the product that was sold in greater volume, 23,090,000 pounds, representing 23% of the amount sold in Canada which was 99,030,000 pounds.

Mango sales to the city were only 0.6% of the amount sold by Peru and 0.8% of Brazilian exports to that market. The Dominican Republic exported 6.2 million pounds of chilli to New York, and in that category Mexico is the only one that competes since it sold 387.4 million pounds, a 98.4% difference.

Haiti exported 14,170,000 pounds of mango, volume that exceeds in 97% the one the country sends, which is 410,000. In that area, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia
dominate the market.

Banana exports from the Dominican Republic to New York were only 0.6% of the total, while Costa Rica, Ecuador and Colombia cover 99% of demand. In papaya sales the country is below Mexico, Brazil, Belize and Guatemala, with only 1.3% of total sales. Mexico accounts for 79% and Belize for 15% of the market.

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